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Bona Fide - Fiber Pomade

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BONA FIDE POMADE, FIBER POMADE is a water-based pomade with a medium hold, medium shine, grapefruit scent and highly pliable texture.  Dig the "bed-head" look?  Well this product is for you!  Our non-drying FIBER POMADE will remain pliable all day giving you the ability to restyle and reshape whenever your heart desires.  The fibrous texture of our FIBER POMADE applies light and does not add weight to your hair allowing you to get a very nice, airy and natural textured look with any style.

Features:  Medium Hold, Medium to Matte Shine, All-Day Hold, Non-Drying, Highly Pliable, Texturizing Fibers, & a Light Grapefruit Scent 

Best  For:  All Hair Types & All Hair Styles Desired with a Low Shine and Natural/Matte Finish

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