LC King - Raw Selvedge Denim


LC King RAW Indigo Denim Jeans are part of the "American Original" 5-pocket series. They are designed with a mid-high waist and a straight-leg cut for comfort and triple stitched for durability. These jeans are 100% cotton and are machine washable. 

This RAW denim jean is built from 14 .oz. Sanforized denim woven by Cone Mills in their White Oak factory located in Greensboro, NC. It is ring spun, Indigo Dyed, Right Hand Twill, Cone Red Line Selvedge Style W80S. Jeans are finished with Antique copper hardware and a zipper fly.

LC King built Jeans have help define the Character and Style of American Workwear for over a century. These Jeans are built to take the punishing lifestyle all workwear garments should endure. "American Original" jeans are cut and sewn from LC King stock fabrics to the classic standards.

Jeans are True to Fit and not vanity sized. Please review SIZING INFO before ordering if you are unsure of your needs.

These Jeans are sold in their RAW form and are unwashed, unprocessed, and unaffected. Raw garments may shrink when washed and care should be taken when choosing your size in waist and length. The exact amount of shrink will depend on the specific fabric and exactly how you wash and dry. 


The provided measurements for these jeans represent actual dimensions, not body fit recommendations. Please know your personal body measurements and apply those to the provided garment dimensions. There is no perfect formula to get your individual best fit and you need to take into account each dimension and how it will apply to your body type and desired style. 

Please remember that this garment is handmade and small-batch, and as such there will be slight variations in size and fit. The Dimension charts provide an average measurement but are not a promise of the actual dimensions for each pair of jeans. 

These jeans are sold in their RAW state and as such may shrink when washed. The exact amount of size reduction will vary depending on the specific fabric, batch, source, and your wash/dry choices. There is NO FORMULA as to shrinkage. Shrinkage may occur throughout the garment and will not just affect the final waist size, but also the finished length. Raw Indigo Denim may shrink a full size (2") if pushed to their maximum. 


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