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Dixon Rand x HH Type II Jacket


This is truly another example of iconic homage combined with modern durability improvements to create masterpiece.

Entirely constructed of single needle craftsmanship, this jacket harkens to the days of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe with its timelessness and iconic pattern.


 Jacket is constructed of 13oz 3x1 sanforized Cone White Oak redline denim, which is era accurate in weight and red line identification on selvage edge.  Furnished with antiqued nickel donut buttons, button sides for tapering at waist, copper rivet reinforced pockets, selvage busted seam "T-back" similar to earlier 20th century models, selvage cuffs and waistband, and buttonholes enclosed with leather beneath stitch work, this jacket speaks volumes in the details.   Constructed using poly-core domestic thread, this jacket, unlike those of the early 20th century, will have seam integrity that can truly stand the test of time.

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