Q: I blew out my jeans and they need to be darned in the crotch/knee/thigh/etc.  How much will it cost?

A: Assuming the garment is reparable, our basic repair fee is $25. Extenuating circumstances will require an upcharge, for example: destroyed and/or patching required.

Q: I purchased denim elsewhere and need it hemmed/altered.  How much will it cost?

A: Basic hemming fees are $25.  Alterations requiring extensive work will require an upcharge.

Q: What is not included in a Lifetime Warranty?

A: Typical stains, fades, lost hardware, or unnatural wear patterns suggesting purposeful distress.  These types of things are not covered by our warranty.  Sure, we can replace buttons, buckles, stitch lines, even fix holes, but if it is deemed unnatural it is not covered by us.

Q:  Is this strictly limited to denim?  

A:  Denim jeans and house-made leather goods comprise the majority of our warranty, but it does indeed extend to canvas and duck pants, as well as denim, duck, and chambray shirting and jackets.

Q:  What is the sizing in inches on the Hudson Overall Company shirts and jackets?

A:  See below...


HH Shirt Sizing Guide